Тирамису 2008 скачать бесплатно в хорошем качестве


6.7/ 10
• Франция, Нидерланды
Детектив, Мелодрама, Драма
Мэнон Алвинг, Cheryl Ashruf, Али Бен Хорстинг, Аннеке Блок, Антье Боерманс, Томас Каммаерт, Лаура Де Бур, София де Хог, Якоб Дервиг, Bert Geurkink
Паула ван дер Уст

Bookkeeper Jacob newest client is the talented and flamboyant actress Anne. They first meet each other on her houseboat, the morning after the premiere of Anne's new theatrical play. Jacob soon discovers that Anne has made a mess of her personal finances and that she has several debts. She may even have to sell her houseboat. Anne gets into a blind panic as she definitely has no intention to sell the boat where she has so many memories. Jacob becomes fascinated about Anne's world and is not concerned anymore with his own personal life and wife. Anne is trying to get money and is convinced that Jacob can save her financial mess. Despite Anne's plans and efforts, the boat must be sold by auction. During the evening of the auction, Anne has organized a big good-bye dinner and has invited all her colleagues and friend on the boat. When Jacob is about to inform Anne about how he wants to save Anne's houseboat (he has bought it himself for her), she comes up with a totally different plan..