Секс, стыд и слёзы 1999 скачать бесплатно в хорошем качестве

Секс, стыд и слёзы

Sexo, pudor y lágrimas
6.5/ 10
• Мексика
Комедия, Драма
Демиан Бишир, Сусана Сабалета, Хорхе Салинас, Сесилия Суарес, Виктор Угго Мартин, Моника Дионне, Анхелика Арагон, Лаура Альмела, Мигель Гальван, Мара Эскаланте
Антонио Серрано

This comedic drama features two young couples, and another couple of old friends who reenter the two couples lives. The story takes place mostly in two apartments across the street from each other in Mexico City at the end of the millenium. Intellectual Carlos is not offering as much love as wife Ana needs. Tomas, a world-traveling friend of the couple reappears after many years abroad. Across the street, womanizing executive Miguel and suffering wife Andrea are joined by visiting friend Maria. The presence of guests Tomas and Maria triggers lust, rejection, infidelities, reconciliation and other consequences of suppressed love and marital relations, among the six friends-three guys and three girls.