Брончо Билли и ребёнок погонщика скота 1913 скачать бесплатно в хорошем качестве

Брончо Билли и ребёнок погонщика скота

Broncho Billy and the Rustler's Child
5.3/ 10
Вестерн, Короткометражка
Гилберт М. «Мустанг Билли» Андерсон, Бринсли Шоу, Eugenia Clinchard, Эвелин Селби
Гилберт М. «Мустанг Билли» Андерсон

David Morgan, a cowpuncher, is informed by Doctor Harding that the former's wife is in a serious condition and must be taken from the high altitude. An Indian horse thief shows David a way to make some money easy. That night, the Indian and the cowpuncher steal two horses. The Indian is captured by Broncho Billy, the sheriff, and squeals on Morgan. Dorothy, the cowpuncher's child, informs her father that a posse is coming up the road. Morgan instructs his child to say nothing to the men concerning his whereabouts. The cowpuncher crawls into the loft and pulls the ladder up after him. Broncho Billy enters, sees Morgan's wife is in a critical condition and asks the child where her father is. She tells him she does not know. The sheriff, hearing a sound above him, is about to fire his revolver into the loft, when the girl confesses that her father is above. Morgan comes down from his hiding-pace, explains to Broncho Billy that he stole the horses, so that he might take his wife to a better climate. Dorothy pleads with the sheriff to save her father. Broncho Billy makes Morgan get up into the loft, as the posse return to the house. One of the men suggests looking into the loft above. They lift Broncho Billy up. He informs his men that there is no body up there. Later Broncho Billy mails the cattle owner a check for the two horses. Morgan, his wife and child, leave for a better country.